Our Services

Content Development

We create buzzworthy independent or branded shows, segments, articles, docu-series, mobile games/quizzes/apps that meet audiences where they are, drive audience engagement and reinforce brand identity. With a team comprised of a former Editor-in-Chief, an award-winning marketing senior executive, filmmakers and copywriters, we breathe life into copy and provide arresting aesthetics.

Integrated Marketing Programs

Myth Lab develops effective, memorable 360-degree programming leveraging our combined experience in public relations, social amplification, marketing, brand partnerships, journalism and consumer insights.  We can help you create a unified and seamless experience for your customers.  

Social Strategy

Whether it's a digestible social media segment or a brand-boosting Facebook live session, we leverage the best platform for your message. We develop effective social campaigns and ads that increase engagement and shorten your path to sales.


We have expertise in understanding and reaching targeted audiences with a special focus on multicultural, a coveted and growing demographic. Our editorial and marketing experience includes working for a leading African American magazine that reached over 11 million readers annually.